Alchemy & Account Abstraction Infrastructure

Today's guest is Noam Hurwitz, an engineer at Alchemy who is playing a key role in building Alchemy's new account abstraction infrastructure.

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00:00 Intro
3:51 How Noam got into crypto
6:00 Noam’s take on the current Account Abstraction discourse
8:32 AA infrastructure overview
11:32 Walking through Alchemy’s bundler architecture
13:15 MEV and user operations
15:05 The ‘intent based architecture’ and the userOp mempool
18:05 The entry point contract
22:50 Paymaster contracts
25:24 What should application developers know about AA?
29:40 What do smart contract accounts enable?
32:41 Lessons from drafting an EIP and EIP 6900
37:16 Avoiding centralization around AA infrastructure
42:46 New security issues presented by AA
45:01 Noam’s advice on building APIs & developer products
49:15 Noam’s favorite technical implementations in the industry
50:54 Advice for those early in their career
52:48 How Noam hopes the industry evolves over the next decade
Alchemy & Account Abstraction Infrastructure
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