Alluo Finance - How to Build a Great DeFi UX

Today's episode is with Remi & Sung - core contributors at Alluo Finance. We went deep into Alluo's smart contract architecture & philosophy on building great DeFi user experiences.

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00:00 Intro
5:11 How Remi got into the industry/Alluo's founding
8:11 How Sung got into the space
9:58 What is Alluo?
16:18 Auto Invest - streaming DCA
18:33 An overview of the Alluo contract architecture
23:59 - Bridging architecture
25:15 - Simplicity in protocol design
31:52 - How Alluo liquidity direction voting works at the smart contract level
34:58 - Boosted pools
39:57 - Using the 4626 design for the boosted pool
42:05 - stIBAlluo for money streaming
47:26 - Building out a high quality mobile experience for DeFi
56:59 - Advice for early stage DeFi teams

Alluo Finance - How to Build a Great DeFi UX
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