DCBuilder.eth - Zero Knowledge ML and Becoming a Web3 Developer

Today’s guest is DC Builder - a pseudonymous dev who works as an engineer at Worldcoin and maintains DevPill.me - a guide to becoming a web3 engineer.

DC Builder has contributed quite a bit of open source content & research to the space as well. He’s written things like deep dive guides on L2s and he also created the zero knowledge machine learning community.
In this episode, we got deep into the weeds on ZK ML (a fascinating topic I knew nothing about before this convo), becoming a web3 dev, and how to decide which communities and ecosystems to invest time into.

This is a great episode for engineers looking to level up in the industry, and for anyone curious about ZK ML.

00:00 Intro
3:20 How DC builder got into crypto
7:31 Bottom up vs top down learning
9:17 From research to development
13:45 devpill.me breakdown
16:41 Advice for early web3 engineers
118:48 How to evaluate new developer ecosystems?
23:09 Leveling up as a developer
27:39 ZK
32: 28 ZK ML - a wild topic
42:29 Using ZK for *interactions* with ML models
47:44 Working at Worldcoin (ZK ML experiments and Worldcoin ID state bridge)
56:33 Moving data from Polygon to Ethereum L1
1:03:43 Learning about how the EIP/ERC process works
1:06:44 Building social capital in the industry
1:12:54 Other things that DC builder is interested in
1:15:53 What does DC Builder hope that our industry accomplishes?

Learning how to learn: https://barbaraoakley.com/books/learning-how-to-learn/
Blockchain Dev Guide: https://www.devpill.me/
Awesome ZKML: https://github.com/worldcoin/awesome-zkml
DCBuilder on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DCbuild3r
DCBuilder.eth - Zero Knowledge ML and Becoming a Web3 Developer
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