DeGatchi on Reverse Engineering and MEV

Today’s guest is DeGatchi, an anon web3 dev who has gone from teaching himself to code on the bus, to building some of the most cutting edge open source tooling in the space. In this episode, Degatchi walks us through his journey into crypto, and his work as a dev to date. We discussed his early learning process, and his journey doing things like launching a DEX, getting into MEV, and ultimately building cutting edge tooling like bytecode & calldata decoders. If you’re interested in some nuanced takes on MEV, understanding the EVM under the hood, and how you can dramatically increase your own rate of learning in the industry, this episode is for you.

2:53 How DeGatchi got into crypto
7:06 Importance of working with other good engineers
8:50 Languages: learning solidity, rust
10:15 The role of MEV for the industry
13:55 Getting into MEV
15:55 MEV terminology: long tail, short tail, generalized front-running
21:11 Rust v Go for MEV
23:20 Reverse engineering
24:30 Building a call data decoder
25:40 Bytecode decoder
33:05 anon crypto dev culture
35:55 People who have helped DeGatchi (0xBuns, Huff community, Flashbots discord, “cult” on fantom, etc)
38:02 Zk interests
39:32 Yield farming automation
43:01 Other interests
44:31 What other tooling does DeGatchi want to build?
48:55 Advice for other early career devs
51:10 What does DeGatchi hope the industry looks like in 10 years?

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DeGatchi on Reverse Engineering and MEV
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