Igor Yalovoy - Founding a DeFi Protocol, Unlimited Contract Sizes, & Solidity Best Practices

Today’s episode of the podcast is with Igor Yalovoy, a smart contract engineer & former CTO of Babylon Finance.
Igor has a really interesting story. Babylon was a DeFi protocol that ended up shutting down after the Rari capital exploit, but the team gave the project a high integrity effort and it sounds like they learned many things during the journey.
Igor walks us through what it was like launching a new DeFi protocol during the bull market, and also talks us through the lessons he took away from the experience. 
We cover subjects like testing smart contracts, preparing for audits, optimizations he’s product of, solutions to the sometimes oppressive contract size limit in solidity, & how he personally levels up as a solidity dev.
This ep is a treasure trove of information for DeFi founders and technical folks.

0:00 Intro
1:30 Who is Igor?
4:12 how Igor got involved in crypto
8:55 Early technical decisions with Babylon [decent soundbite here on audits]
13:44 Advice on testing composable systems
16:05 Advice for people about to launch a defi protocol [cost of solidity soundbite at 15:10 or so..probably winning soundbite]
19:45 Tooling Igor wishes people built for the space [soundbite on what to build] [gives a shoutout to defender around 20 min]
27:33 The perils of the solidity contract size limit (and potential solutions)
37:22 How to approach gas optimizations [decent soundbite there on how to handle this] [39 min a good one]
41:12 Preparing for audits
45:12 Favorite optimizations
50:48 How has Igor approached leveling up as a solidity dev? [really good soundbite here as well]
53:30 What do you hope the crypto DevX looks like in the next 5-10 years?

Igor on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ylv_io
Igor's Devcon Talk on Contract Size Limits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzlUNSt5pnA
Ethernaut: https://ethernaut.openzeppelin.com/
Damn Vulnerable DeFi: https://www.damnvulnerabledefi.xyz/
Paradigm CTF: https://twitter.com/paradigm_ctf?lang=en
Igor Yalovoy - Founding a DeFi Protocol, Unlimited Contract Sizes, & Solidity Best Practices
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