Lens Protocol In Depth with Nader Dabit

Today's episode is a technical deep dive into how Lens Protocol works under the hood.

Build with Superfluid: https://www.superfluid.finance/wavepool
Build on Lens: https://www.lens.xyz/garden

00:00:00 - Intro
00:02:45 - Hackathons and the Superfluid Wave Pool
00:05:35 - Understanding Lens: A Developer's Perspective
00:08:11 - Lens Infrastructure: What's Happening Under the Hood?
00:11:02 - Build a Following That Stays with You Forever
00:13:33 - The Challenges of Storing and Retrieving Data in Blockchain Applications
00:16:13 - Building the Lens API
00:21:30 - Lens Modules
00:29:31 - Social Media Monetization and the Scalability of Lens compared to Twitter
00:32:05 - Scalability and the Challenges of Building at Twitter Scale and Beyond
00:34:52 - A Modular Infrastructure for Increased Transaction Speeds
00:37:21 - Building on top of the Lens API: Required Skill Sets
00:39:46 - Progressive Decentralization
00:44:53 - Building Recommendation Algorithms with AI and Machine Learning Techniques
00:49:47 - Exciting Opportunities for Developers on Lens Platform
00:52:11 - Building with Lens and Calls to Action for Developers

Lens Protocol In Depth with Nader Dabit
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