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David Furlong: Frames, Frames.js and Farcaster

Today’s episode is a special episode with David Furlong, founder of frames.js.We discuss everything frames and farcaster. Don't miss out on it !Participate in the Supe...

The Modern Web3 Stack with Vitto Rivabella

Today's episode features Vitto Rivabella on the modern web3 stack. Vitto on Twitter: https://twitter.com/VittoStackCreate Web3 Dapp: https://www.alchemy.com/create-web...

A Deep Dive on Linea: A New zkEVM

Today's episode is with Emily from the Consensys team on all things Linea - Consenys' new zkEVM.Linea: https://linea.build/Linea Docs: https://docs.linea.build/On ZK H...

Planet IX - Web3 Game Development Behind the Scenes

Today's episode features Lukas & Emil of the Planet IX core team. You can learn more about Planet IX (and play the game!) here: https://planetix.com/

Alchemy & Account Abstraction Infrastructure

Today's guest is Noam Hurwitz, an engineer at Alchemy who is playing a key role in building Alchemy's new account abstraction infrastructure.Alchemy on AA: www.alchemy...

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