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Alchemy & Account Abstraction Infrastructure

Today's guest is Noam Hurwitz, an engineer at Alchemy who is playing a key role in building Alchemy's new account abstraction infrastructure.Alchemy on AA: www.alchemy...

Alluo Finance - How to Build a Great DeFi UX

Today's episode is with Remi & Sung - core contributors at Alluo Finance. We went deep into Alluo's smart contract architecture & philosophy on building great DeFi use...

The Graph Deep Dive with Pranav Maheshwari

Today's episode features a deep dive on The Graph with engineer Pranav Maheshwari.Check out the Superfluid Wave Pool here: https://superfluid.finance/wavepool

Zac Williamson on Huff, Aztec, Noir, and Building with ZK Tech

This week's guest is Zac Williamson, founder & CEO at Aztec. Check out the Superfluid Wave Pool! https://www.superfluid.finance/wavepoolAztec: https://twitter.com/azte...

Solidity Fuzzing & Web3 Testing with a Trail of Bits Security Engineer

This week's episode features an interview between Patrick Collins and a Web3 Security Engineer at Trail of Bits. They cover:- testing methodologies- fuzzing- static an...

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