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Nick Dodson - Sway & the Fuel VM

Today’s episode is with Nick Dodson, co-founder of Fuel Labs and one of the minds behind the Sway language. We deep dive the FuelVM, Sway, and how Nick approaches his ...

@w1nt3r on NFT Development, His EVM Course, and Winning as an Honest Builder in Web3

Today’s guest is W1NT3R, a former engineer at Meta who dove head first into smart contract development. Stream salaries with Superfluid: https://use.superfluid.fina...

Igor Yalovoy - Founding a DeFi Protocol, Unlimited Contract Sizes, & Solidity Best Practices

Today’s episode of the podcast is with Igor Yalovoy, a smart contract engineer & former CTO of Babylon Finance.

Yorke Rhodes on Hyperlane, Cross Chain Tech, and Solidity

Today’s guest is Yorke Rhodes - founding engineer at Hyperlane, a protocol which serves as a platform for building cross chain applications.

Cami Ramos Garzon - Developer Experience, Fuel, & Bringing Crypto to LatAm

Cami is a Colombian-American software engineer who works as Head of Developer Relations at Fuel Labs

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