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@w1nt3r on NFT Development, His EVM Course, and Winning as an Honest Builder in Web3

Today’s guest is W1NT3R, a former engineer at Meta who dove head first into smart contract development. Stream salaries with Superfluid: https://use.superfluid.fina...

Igor Yalovoy - Founding a DeFi Protocol, Unlimited Contract Sizes, & Solidity Best Practices

Today’s episode of the podcast is with Igor Yalovoy, a smart contract engineer & former CTO of Babylon Finance.

Yorke Rhodes on Hyperlane, Cross Chain Tech, and Solidity

Today’s guest is Yorke Rhodes - founding engineer at Hyperlane, a protocol which serves as a platform for building cross chain applications.

Cami Ramos Garzon - Developer Experience, Fuel, & Bringing Crypto to LatAm

Cami is a Colombian-American software engineer who works as Head of Developer Relations at Fuel Labs

Odysseas.eth: Cross Chain Tech, Good Design Patterns, and the Sovereign Stack

Odysseas.eth is an engineer at Nomad and serial builder who has worked on governance frameworks, decentralized inflation oracles, and open source projects such as Foun...

@Vex_0x: Huff, Low Level Languages, & the EVM

Today’s guest is Vex, a software engineer, smart contract developer, and major contributor to Huff - a low level assembly language for the Ethereum Virtual machine.

Daws.eth : Dapp Development, OSS Tooling, & Becoming an Indie Hacker

Dawson is the founder of Earnifi, a platform which helps you stay on top of airdrops in web3. In this episode, we talk in detail about building high performance decent...

Santiago Palladino: OZ Defender, the Role of Off Chain Infra, & How Crypto Is Leveling the Playing Field

Today, we have Santiago Palladino, a lead developer at OpenZeppelin who has helped drive the development of OpenZeppelin’s Defender product. He’s also provided value a...

Sam MacPherson of MakerDAO Engineering: Managing Engineering Tradeoffs, Good Design Patterns, and Multi-Chain Maker

Today, we have Sam MacPherson, a Protocol Engineer at MakerDAO. In this episode we discuss Maker's multi-chain developments, how the Maker engineering team prioritizes...

@big_tech_sux on Vyper, Compilers, and the Future of Smart Contract Programming Languages

In this episode, we talk with @big_tech_sux, a Vyper contributor and compiler expert and discuss all things vyper & web3 programming languages.

Nicolás Venturo: Solidity, Engineering at Balancer Labs, & the Dangers of Gas Golfing

Today's guest is Nicolás Venturo, a blockchain engineer at Balancer Labs and former engineer at Open Zeppelin - where he contributed to one of the first audits of the ...

Chris Maree: Engineering at UMA Protocol, Cross Chain Tech, and Optimistic Oracle Design

In this episode, we discuss the cryptoeconomics of UMA’s optimistic oracle, the low level design of UMA’s Across bridge, gas optimization, security, and Chris’ long te...

Austin Griffith: Dev Tooling, Scaffold-ETH, and Leveling Up as a Web3 Dev

Episode 2 features Austin Griffith: a leader in the Ethereum developer ecosystem. In this episode, we discuss Austin’s process for building developer tooling, new deve...

Rahul Sethuram: Optimistic Bridges, Cross Chain Communication, & Engineering at Connext

Today, we have Rahul Sethuram, CTO & cofounder of Connext: a trust-minimized cross chain communication protocol that makes blockchains composable. We discuss optimisti...

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